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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Upcycled Pet Bed From a Drawer...(No, You Have NOT Seen This One Before)

This is a drawer that I got from a bureau on the side of the road. I also had a few strips of plywood left over from another project. I'll use them to frame the tent I'm going to make.

It will be a simple box on the bottom with a tent on top. This is a sketch of the shape of the tent. I'll use my angle tool copy the angle and transfer it to my miter saw.

The fame will be two layers of plywood that overlap.

I wanted to make the tent removable and collapsible so I didn't want to just nail the cross pieces to the frame. 

 Cross pieces in the bracket.

 The assembled tent frame.

I had to trim off the edges of the drawer.

 I used a few pieces of 1 x 4 to strengthen the bottom of the drawer.

I cut out an entrance for my dog.

Then I painted it with some chalk paint I had and used some black glaze to give it a faux wood grain look.

 I set the frame atop the bed, laid out a piece of canvas over it, cut it a few inches bigger than the frame and marked it.

                A seam was sewn along the bottom edge, and the canvas sides were cut a few inches bigger than the frame.

 First I stapled the the side on.

 With the bracket sides of the frame facing out I stapled the my biggest piece of canvas--wrong side out--to the top of the frames, making sure to keep it on the line that I traced. I put the staples as close to the edge of the frame as I could. 

Then I carefully turned the whole thing inside out.

 I put the spacer pieces into the brackets.

And used my grommet kit to and a few grommets to the front panels so I can tie them back. 

The finished bed.

Jessie Approved.