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Friday, February 24, 2012

Decoupage.....for guys

When I hear the word decoupage it doesn't sound like something guys do. Well I'm changing that by upcycling and old ammo box with some vintage airplane spotter charts.

Stuff you need:

ammo can
paint brush

Trim your graphics to the size you want and lay them on the item you want to adhere them to. Test the fit until you get them where you want them. In pencil lightly mark the corners on your item.

Lightly sand the area where your graphics will go to remove any loose paint or rust and paint the area inside your pencil marks with the Modpodge. flip your graphics over and paint the back side with Modpodge going right to, or over the edge to be sure you get good coverage.  When you work with Modpodge you have to work quick as it dries fairly fast. Flip your graphic over and carefully lay it on your item. You will be able to slide it around a little bit for about a minute before it starts to set up.
Starting in the center gently work out any air bubbles by pushing them to the edges. Gently wipe any excess glue that bleeds out under the edges of your graphic. Don't be too worried if you're a little messy, Modpodge dries clear. On this piece I repeated the process for the graphic on the other side of the can with another graphic. If you are doing more than one graphic on an item, be careful to keep your work place clean. You don't want to put the good side of your graphic in any Modgepodge that might be on your table top.
The finished ammo box
You can paint Modpodge over the entire piece to seal protect it (remember it dries clear) but I chose not to.
I think it looks more authentic.

Man-cave ready.

At the time of this post, this item is available at my Etsy shop Destinations Vintage

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