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Monday, February 11, 2013

Vintage Adventurer Explorer Room

Dear God what a mess!  This is one wall of my downstairs room. I'm slowly going to be redoing this room in a vintage archeologist-explorer-adventurer style. Think Indiana Jones meets Tales of the Gold Monkey with a little bit of Howard Carter thrown in for good measure. It's gonna take a while, I'll be breaking it into managable chunks, and chronicling it here.

Left Wall.
This closet full of wire shelving will be converted to an office-in-the-closet.

(Hey, look someone already painted the walls gold.)

Right Wall.
Here we'll have some bookcases and a display case for some faux artifacts.

I'm sorta challenging myself to do this room with stuff from craigslist and salvation army. The green couch that you can almost see is my first thrift store piece.

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