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Monday, January 26, 2015

Suitcase Hatbox Upcycled into Vintage Clock

I got this suitcase at a yard sale, the inside was in great shape and I thought it would sell well in my Etsy shop. It was only after I got it home that I realized the bottom panel, that functions as a hinge was torn. Fixing it would have been too tough, So I thought, maybe a clock.  

Since I'd be painting the bottom panel, I tested drawing and painting on numbers. It didn't go so well. So I tested mod podging one of my Etsy shop labels on the back and was happy with the results.

I measured the suitcase and made a clock face to fit. (I used Microsoft Publisher, but everyone has their favorite.) And carefully cut it out.

I tested the fit and marked the center and places where the pieces met. I had to tape them down as they tended to shift around.

I "painted" both sides of each piece with water to stretch it before it went on the suitcase. Wet paper stretches like crazy, by wetting it first I'll get fewer wrinkles.

 I painted the mod podge on to the suitcase and carefully put each piece of the clock face in place,

 I already have a lot of paint on hand, so I used a red that was as close a match as possible and painted the bottom panel. (It'll dry a little darker.)

I got a scrap piece of plywood and traced the curve of the suitcase on it. I'll cut it and mount it inside the suitcase to so it can be hung on the wall.

I glued the plywood in the suitcase, nailed it on through the back of the suitcase, and drilled a hole.

THE FAIL. The red paint didn't match well. So I made some labels to fit the the bottom.

While the mod podge was drying I began getting familiar with the new clock movement. It's super easy to install.

Once the bottom label was dry I drilled a hole through the face panel, inserted the clock motor and put the hands on.

At the time of this posting the clock is for sale at my Etsy shop